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100% apple

A fantastic apple cider orchard based aromas and flavours; the crisp apple notes are dominant with hints of pear. Bright bubbles and a clean finish makes this an easy drinking cider.
Food Pairings: great with poultry, charcuterie plates or salads.


Dry Table Cider

Bright notes of apple and apple blossom swirl out of the glass. A sweeter style cider with a clean mouthfeel and bright clean finish.
Food Pairings: lighter style pasta dishes, poultry or pork

Sweet Table Cider

Golden in colour this cider offers enchanting aromas of fresh apple, with hints of a sweeter baked apple. The aromas carry to the palate in this dry cider, perfectly balanced and carbonated.
Food Pairings: Pork dishes, pizza, or hors d’oeuvre.

Fan Favourite

All Canadian Wine Championships

100% Apple + Infusion

“Cider – much like wine is kind of a blank canvas. I like that we blend all of apple our varieties together as some make up for what others lack like sweetness, acidity or soft vs. hard apple for pressing. This results in a beautifully balanced apple cider. Having some sensitivity to some food items and artificial colours I knew that creating flavoured ciders had to be done au natural. Most of the dried flower and fruits are sourced out to be organic, our ciders are Gluten Free, made with 100% Ontario Apples and are Vegan/Vegetarian friendly (expect for the Oh Beehave – addition of Honey).”

This cider was steeped with dried butterfly pea flowers  which is what gives the cider this unique blue/purple colour. With the addition of lemon (or citrus) the colour will change to a purple/pink colour. (In the right light the colour change is quite noticeable!) The cider is bone dry with lovely floral notes, that complement the crisp notes of apple. The aromas carry to the palate with a refreshing crisp finish.
Food Pairings: pork tacos, fresh salads with berries, or cheese plates.



This cider was run over freshly pressed Baco Noir Grape skins, this added a little colour and a lot of flavour. Sweet notes of red berry and candied cherry are complimented by crisp notes of apple. The aromas carry to the palate - a balanced cider with a whisper of sweetness and crisp finish.
Food Pairings: Very versatile, great with roast pork or poultry dishes, pizza, or spice infused foods.

Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

Hey Lady

This apple cider was infused with decaffeinated Orange Pekoe Tea, Bergamot and vanilla extract to emulate the classic warm beverage London Fog. The aromas of bergamot (slightly orange) mingle with warm notes of vanilla all wrapped in rich apple. The aromas carry to the palate with the body and tannin increased by the addition of tea.
Food Pairings: Great with pork dishes, Beer Nuts, Brie topped with cranberries, lighter pasta dishes

London Fog

A great blend of Cranberry and Apple! Nicely balanced with a slightly tart finish.
Beautiful bright notes of cranberry compliment the softness of the apple, subtle notes of other red berry are present on the nose with some light floral. The palate is well balanced with a crisp finish.
Food Pairings: Great with turkey or poultry dishes, butternut squash soup, cheese and dried cranberries - in a salad or on their own with crackers.



Cider + Wine +Infusion

A great wine and cider blend! Steeped with dried elderflowers this wine is delicately floral. A light refreshing cider with aromas apples, Asian pear and sweet floral notes. The aromas carry to the palate with a clean crisp finish.

Food Pairings: Great with white fish, light salads or fresh fruit and cheese plates


Steeped with dried grapefruit, orange and lemon peel this fusion is all about the citrus! Beautiful aromas of orange zest mingle with sweet notes of apple blossom. Apple is still the predominate flavour with orange dominating the citruses. Hints of sweet pink grapefruit and nuances of bright lemon peel compliment the blend. A great patio sipper

Food Pairings: Poultry dishes, grilled root vegetables,  or gourd/pumpkin dishes.


Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

Disco Lemonade

A lovely wine and cider blend; steeped with dried rose petals and dried rose hips. Fresh fruity aromas of red berry, apple and floral notes carry to the palate. A great sipping cider fusion on its own or it pairs with a wide variety of dishes

Food Pairings: Great with pork or poultry dishes, green salads with dried cranberries,  or shellfish.

National Wine Awards of Canada
Finger Lakes International Wine Competition
All Canadian Wine Championships

Rose Hip

This cider is blended with white wine and Ontario Honey! Lovely aromas of baked apples are wrapped with delicate notes of honey. The aromas carry to the palate with a hint of toasted vanilla. Without being overly sweet this cider is all the buzz.
Food Pairings: Great with flaky pastry hors d’oeuvres, cheeses and salty snacks.

Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

Oh Beehave

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