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The lady behind all of our ciders, fruit wines award winning cider maker Amy Baldwin. Amy Joined Waupoos Estates as their head winemaker in 2011 at the age of 23. When the expansion of the Fruit Winery and Cider house came up she was eager to expand her art from grapes to apples (and some cranberry). The blends and fusions are her creations – keeping them produced naturally with steeping dried herbs, flowers and fruits to add dimension and flavour.  



We Share our stunning 100 acre water front property with the award winning Waupoos Estates Winery. Before the winery was constructed and vineyards were planted most of the property’s land was covered in apple orchards with some of the oldest trees dating back to 1975. The Fruit Winery and Cider house were a welcomed addition to the Estate with the doors officially opening in 2014.

“Cider – much like wine is kind of a blank canvas. I like that we blend all of apple our varieties together as some make up for what others lack like sweetness, acidity or soft vs. hard apple for pressing. This results in a beautifully balanced apple cider. Having some sensitivity to some food items and artificial colours I knew that creating flavoured ciders had to be done au natural. Most of the dried flower and fruits are sourced out to be organic, our ciders are Gluten Free, made with 100% Ontario Apples from our orchards or our neighbours.”


All About Apples

Some of our oldest orchards date back to 1975. 

We Grow: McIntosh, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Empire, Spy, Russet, Lodi, Royal Gala, Fuji, Spartan, Mutsu, Idared, Honeycrisp and Cortland

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